The leading cloud-native Nagios alternative

Sensu enables you to easily consolidate legacy monitoring tools like Nagios and Zabbix, offering a clean and seamless transition to cloud and container environments.

Automatically discover new compute instances

Sensu automatically adds and removes computes instances to and from monitoring, effortlessly handling the ephemeral nature of cloud computing without generating false alarms related to auto-scaling and other provisioning events.

Plugin compatibility means monitoring agility

Sensu is 100% compatible with your existing Nagios checks (including custom plugins). Whether you have ten or ten thousand existing object definitions – we’ve got you covered.

A future-proof monitoring solution

Choosing Sensu means making your last decision about monitoring platforms. From Prometheus exporters to StatsD metrics to 20 years worth of Nagios plugins – Sensu accepts them all.

Migrate Nagios object definitions with ease

Sensu eliminates the need to migrate host and host group definitions – simply deploy the Sensu Agent on your hosts and Sensu will automatically discover when new hosts come online and automatically deregister them when they are terminated. The ability to automatically convert service definitions to Sensu check definitions further streamlines the migration process.

Collect Nagios PerfData, store it anywhere

With Sensu Enterprise, it’s easy to reuse existing Nagios plugins to collect performance and other telemetry data and store it in modern solutions like InfluxDB, ElasticSearch, or Splunk. Free your metrics from the confines of Nagios!

Aggregate events to reduce false-positive alerts

Sensu provides built-in solutions for alerting on the aggregate health of a service across multiple nodes, eliminating recurring alerts.

Stay informed

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