Building dynamic workflows with Sensu

In this testimonial, Ben Abrams, Sr. DevOps Engineer, talks about how he came to be a Sensu Maintainer. He started getting more involved in 2015, primarily maintaining plugins and community cookbooks for Chef and mentoring others in the community. He also talks about what drew him to Sensu in the first place β€” the fact that Sensu is a framework enables him to build custom, dynamic workflows and automation (AKA, it’s not just another monitoring tool). Watch the video for the full story.

Ben Abrams, Sr. DevOps Engineer at Doximity, has been using Sensu since about 2014.

He had used Nagios, Zabbix and Zenoss earlier, but what really drew him towards Sensu, was the fact that it was a framework and not just another monitoring tool. Sensu allowed him to build very custom dynamic workflows and automation that were suited for their unique needs. They were able to define complex workflows using the API to prevent the alert storms that are inherent with every monitoring product.