Sensu Resource Library

Sensu resources cover topics like Kubernetes, configuration management tools (like Puppet, Ansible, and Chef), multi-cloud infrastructure, and – of course! – monitoring. Take a look at our resource gallery below for whitepapers, videos, podcasts, and more.

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads: the sidecar pattern.

Alert fatigue: avoidance and course correction

Workflow automation for monitoring

Netsmart Technologies Testimonial

Industrial Light & Magic Testimonial

The New Stack Context with Kelsey Hightower and Caleb Hailey

Food Fight Show with Sean Porter

Open Source Underdogs with Sean Porter

Food Fight Show: #monitoringlove with Sensu

Seven security considerations for your monitoring solution

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads and clusters

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads: the sidecar pattern.

Automating monitoring with the Sensu Go Ansible Collection

Intro to cloud monitoring with Sensu Go

Securing Sensu: setting up client certificates

Scaling your monitoring, part 1: Sensu clustering

The evolving application lifecycle: from DevOps to DevSecOps

Introduction to RBAC in Sensu Go

Scalability and self-service Monitoring with Sensu Go

Why Sensu for Containerized Infrastructure

Using Sensu for Alerting and Historical Analysis

Auto-Remediation with Sensu Go

ViaSat on Turn-Key Monitoring and First-Class RBAC in Sensu Go

Building dynamic workflows with Sensu

Intro to assets with the Sensu Go SDK