Sensu Resource Library

Sensu resources cover topics like Kubernetes, configuration management tools (like Puppet, Ansible, and Chef), multi-cloud infrastructure, and – of course! – monitoring. Take a look at our resource gallery below for whitepapers, videos, podcasts, and more.

The top 7 most-useful Kubernetes APIs for comprehensive cloud-native observability

Alert fatigue: avoidance and course correction

Workflow automation for monitoring

Learn Sensu Go

Netsmart Technologies Testimonial

Ericsson Testimonial

Industrial Light & Magic Testimonial

Uber Testimonial

Palantir Testimonial

The New Stack Context with Kelsey Hightower and Caleb Hailey

Food Fight Show with Sean Porter

Open Source Underdogs with Sean Porter

Food Fight Show: #monitoringlove with Sensu

Seven security considerations for your monitoring solution

What's new in Sensu Go

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads and clusters

Migrating to Sensu Go

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads: the sidecar pattern.

Automating monitoring with the Sensu Go Ansible Collection

Sensu Summit 2019 talks

Sensu Summit 2018 talks

Sensu Summit 2017 talks

Intro to cloud monitoring with Sensu Go

Securing Sensu: setting up client certificates

Scaling your monitoring, part 1: Sensu clustering

The evolving application lifecycle: from DevOps to DevSecOps

Introduction to RBAC in Sensu Go

Scalability and self-service Monitoring with Sensu Go

Why Sensu for Containerized Infrastructure

Using Sensu for Alerting and Historical Analysis

Auto-Remediation with Sensu Go

ViaSat on Turn-Key Monitoring and First-Class RBAC in Sensu Go

Building dynamic workflows with Sensu

Intro to assets with the Sensu Go SDK

What's new in Sensu

What's new in Sensu: HashiCorp Vault integration + command plugins

Integrations for cloud monitoring & alerting

Monitoring Multi-Cloud Environments with Sean Porter

The top 7 most-useful Kubernetes APIs for comprehensive cloud-native observability

Integrating Sensu Go into your CI/CD pipeline

Monitoring, Privacy, and Security in Public Cloud

Monitoring Kubernetes: the sidecar pattern

Understanding federation in Sensu Go

5 essential security features for monitoring