Simple Pricing for your SMB or Enterprise

Sensu Go is completely free up to 100 nodes, with simple pricing for SMBs and enterprise organizations alike. Getting started is easy & evaluating Sensu at scale (beyond 100 nodes) is a no brainer using our free 30-day trial. Contact sales to get a quote or learn more about our volume licensing discounts.

Introducing Sensu Plus

Sensu Plus is an integrated solution that provides Sensu users with access to the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence™️ platform and observability suite – now available with simple, node-based pricing.

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Sensu Plus FREE Good for new Sensu users, individual use, and very small teams. $0 unlimited evaluation
(no trial required)
Minimum nodes n/a
Additional nodes n/a
Max nodes 100
DPM (metrics) 30 dpm/node
Metric Retention 400 days
Event Retention 7 days
Number of sites 1
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Sensu Plus Pro Our most popular plan! Great for SMBs & enterprise product teams. $5 USD, per-node, per-month
(paid annually)
Minimum nodes 200
Additional nodes $5/mo1
Max nodes 3000
DPM (metrics) 300 dpm/node
Metric Retention 400 days
Event Retention 400 days
Number of sites 1
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Sensu Plus Enterprise Designed for large teams managing mission critical systems. $8 USD, per-node, per-month
(paid annually)
Minimum nodes 300
Additional nodes $8/mo1
Max nodes Unlimited2
DPM 500 dpm/node
Metric Retention 400 days
Event Retention 1095 days
Number of sites Unlimited
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The nitty-gritty

1. Additional nodes are purchased in 100-unit bundles.

2. The Enterprise plan has no limit on the maximum number of nodes under management, up to the amount purchased. You can have multiple instances of Sensu deployed with a total node count equal to what you have purchased.

3. A site is a cluster which can have one or more backends. Learn more about multi-cluster visibility with federation.

4. A node is an agent-managed entity, including Kubernetes pods; every entity with an agent is a node. Please contact sales for proxy entities or endpoints without agents.

5. If you are an existing Sumo Logic customer and wish to purchase Sensu Go, please contact us for options.

6. Looking for Sensu Go standalone pricing? Click here.

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For the most part, Sensu pricing is as simple as it looks. However, if you have thousands of nodes, you’ll want to learn more about our progressive volume licensing discounts. Contact our sales team today and we’ll help find a solution that works for you.