Getting started with Sensu

Sensu is the industry leading solution for multi-cloud monitoring at scale.

Take Sensu Go for a spin

The Sensu Go sandbox offers an easy, interactive way to explore Sensu workflows in your browser. It’s a ready-made open source environment – InfluxDB and Grafana are pre-installed and configured, freeing you up to explore the Sensu monitoring event pipeline and multitude of use cases.


Step 1. Create your first monitoring events

Install Sensu in five minutes, and publish your first event.

Step 2. Configure a monitoring workflow

Configure a workflow to automatically process events (like storing metrics in InfluxDB or creating & resolving incidents in PagerDuty).

Step 3. Automate your monitoring workflow using the Sensu agent

Install a Sensu agent to provide local collection and automate discovery.

Step 4. Join the community

Our community makes Sensu great. Join us for discussions, collaboration, and plenty of monitoring love.


Integrations by subject matter experts


Active Slack Members lending helping hands


GitHub Stars – a growing developer community


Monthly installs, deployed everywhere

Sensu for the enterprise

Ready to level up your monitoring? Reach out to our sales team to learn about enterprise-grade features and best-in-class support.