Workflow automation for monitoring

From Kubernetes to bare metal, the Sensu monitoring event pipeline gives you complete visibility across every system, every protocol, every time.

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A monitoring event pipeline as unique as your business

Cloud & Kubernetes monitoring

Sensu empowers you to monitor everything from containers (Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Foundry) to cloud compute instances (AWS, GCP, Azure), to bare metal (even mainframes!).

Infrastructure & application monitoring

Automate system reliability & improve visibility across your entire stack. Sensu provides a single, robust platform for availability and application performance monitoring.

The leading Nagios alternative

Migrating to the cloud? With Sensu, you can consolidate legacy monitoring tools while improving visibility across large-scale, hybrid cloud deployments.

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Sensu Core is the completely free and open source version of the Sensu monitoring event pipeline.

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Sensu Enterprise builds on Sensu Core with value-added features and integrations — like contact routing, metric translation, and RBAC (including support for LDAP and GitHub) — plus enterprise-grade support.

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Learn more about our Enterprise edition and support options, or talk directly to our sales team. We'll help you find the right option for your organization.