Total visibility, from the server closet to the serverless cloud future.

Sensu’s platform is the solution to the monitoring problems you’re facing today, and the right foundation for your organization tomorrow. From bare metal to Kubernetes—get complete visibility across every system, every protocol, every time.

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Full-stack monitoring for today's business.



Collect telemetry data and monitoring events via your choice of instrumentation interfaces, with support for: Nagios plugins, StatsD libraries, SNMP traps and pollers, Prometheus libraries and exporters, and much more.



Powerful event processing and routing capabilities make it possible to easily integrate previously disparate monitoring and operational systems like InfluxDB, Pagerduty, and ServiceNow – across all platforms.


Monitoring APIs

Simple and developer friendly APIs make Sensu the most extensible monitoring platform in the industry. TCP, UDP, HTTP, GraphQL, JSON, Yaml, and more.

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Sensu allows engineering and operations teams to consolidate existing monitoring tools without sacrificing the interfaces they depend upon (e.g. Nagios plugins, StatsD libraries, Prometheus exporters, and more). Sensu is a framework for composing the unique monitoring solution your organization needs today, while simple and developer-friendly APIs ensure compatibility for the requirements of tomorrow.

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