Simple. Scalable. Multi-cloud monitoring.

Sensu is a unified infrastructure and application monitoring solution for multi-cloud monitoring at scale. Gain deep visibility into servers, containers, services, applications, functions, and connected devices across any public or private cloud.

Monitoring for mission-critical systems.

The shift from static to dynamic infrastructure introduces new business requirements. High-trust private networks are replaced with untrusted networks on public clouds. Tightly coupled ops tools are being displaced with disparate systems, necessitating integration with third-party APIs. Collaboration between development and operations relies on self-service workflows with integrated authentication solutions. Sensu gives you these advantages:


Monitor tens of thousands of nodes from a single cluster using Sensu’s high-performance enterprise datastore. Get visibility into globally distributed infrastructure with Sensu federation.


Onboard new teams quickly with turn-key integrations for the tools your organization relies on, including Elasticsearch, Splunk, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, Ansible Tower, and many more.


Lock down user access with Sensu SSO providers (LDAP, Active Directory, OIDC), and automate agent identity with mTLS certificate authentication, external PKI verification, and CRL support.

Multi-cloud monitoring for production workloads.

Level up your monitoring with mission-critical features and integrations.

Architected for organizational and technical scalability.

Monitor tens of thousands of nodes and process over 100M events per hour from a single Sensu cluster with an enterprise data store (PostgreSQL). Get visibility into regionally or globally distributed infrastructure with a single pane of glass using Sensu federation. With Sensu’s robust multi-tenant architecture, multiple development and operations teams can collaborate on a single Sensu cluster.

Consolidate observability tools with turn-key integrations.

Sensu integrates with the platforms and tools you’re already using to eliminate data silos, improve observability, and reduce multi-cloud tool sprawl. Send metrics to Elasticsearch, Splunk, InfluxDB, and more while creating and resolving incidents in PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and VictorOps. Automate inventory using ServiceNow or other third-party CMDBs. Trigger self-healing workflows with the Ansible Tower integration.

Bulletproof security solutions.

Unlock self-service workflows with confidence. Grant every team access to the right monitoring data with Single Sign-On (SSO). Automate agent identity in the public cloud with mutual-TLS certificate authentication, external PKI verification, and CRL support.

Fully featured. Full-stack monitoring.

From bare metal to Kubernetes, Sensu provides everything you need to achieve complete visibility across every system, every protocol, every time.

Health checks & custom metrics

Comprehensive system and service health monitoring. Execute custom scripts, including Nagios-style plugins. Collect basic system metrics, including CPU, memory, and disk usage. Collect custom application metrics and integrate with external databases for unified business intelligence.

Alerts & incident management

Send alerts via email, Slack, SMS, and more. Create and resolve incidents in PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and JIRA. Eliminate alert fatigue with built-in de-duplication. Customize alert policies with event filters and contact routing.

Real-time inventory

Automatically register VMs, public cloud compute instances, containers, and more. Eliminate false-positive alerts related to auto-scaling and other provisioning events. Integrate with third-party CMDBs to create and update records about your inventory assets.

Auto-remediation & custom workflows

Native support for self-healing — use Sensu to trigger service restarts or execute custom scripts when problems are detected. Request Ansible jobs via the Ansible Tower integration. Trigger remediation actions via third-party APIs. Automate repetitive operations by configuring custom workflows.

Supercharge your Ops & SRE teams for less than 1¢ per node per hour.

Traditional monitoring tools are cost-prohibitive to operate at even moderate scale, and legacy monitoring tools are incompatible with the ephemeral nature of public cloud and cloud-native platforms. Upgrade to Sensu today to embrace your multi-cloud operation with confidence – and without breaking the budget!

Free vs Paid.

Sensu Go is a commercial software product based on an open source project of the same name (sensu/sensu-go). The OSS version is distributed as MIT-licensed code that can be compiled from source. All official binaries distributed by Sensu, Inc. are commercially licensed and made available for FREE for small teams or individual use (up to 100 nodes).

Here’s a detailed look at the differences between the Sensu Go OSS project and the commercial distribution.

Compare Sensu versions.

Licensing & distribution Open Source Commercial Distribution
License MIT Sensu License
Free usage limits Unlimited Up to 100 nodes
Pricing for additional nodes (learn more) Free $3-5/mo per node
Distribution Source code only Signed binaries & packages
Core features Open Source Commercial Distribution
Server monitoring
Container monitoring
Real-time inventory
Health checks & custom metrics
Alerts & incident management
Automated remediation & custom workflows
200+ community plugins
50+ commercially supported plugins & integrations (ServiceNow, JIRA, ElasticSearch, Splunk, Ansible, Moogsoft, etc.)
Dashboard features Open Source Commercial Distribution
Real-time incident dashboard
Real-time inventory dashboard
Grafana datasource
Multi-tenant dashboard (single-site)
Multi-site dashboard (federation)
Resource management dashboard (real-time config mgmt.)
Extensibility features Open Source Commercial Distribution
Custom plugins/scripts language support (e.g. C, C++, Golang, Ruby, Javascript/NodeJS, Rust, C#, Perl, Bash, etc) Any language Any language
Discovery, Inventory, Config Management APIs
Token-based API authentication (JWTs)
Persistent API token authentication (service accounts)
gRPC Extension API (high-performance extensions)
Architecture, scalability, and security Open Source Commercial Distibution
Namespaces and RBAC
Built-in configuration management database (embedded etcd)
Built-in transport (TLS-encrypted websockets w/ support for self-signed certificates)
Built-in user management (basic auth)
Agent authentication via username and password (basic auth)
Agent authentication via mTLS (certificate auth)
Secrets management (basic)
Enterprise secrets management integrations (HashiCorp Vault)
Single sign-on (SSO) (LDAP, Active Directory, OIDC)
Support for external PKI and CRL services (for mTLS agent auth)
Dedicated event storage backend (PostgreSQL)
Multi-site federation (Auth provider & RBAC resource replication) (learn more)
Services & support Open Source Commercial Distribution
Bonsai (hosted Sensu Asset Index & CDN)
Community support (Discourse, Slack)
Commercial support with SLA
Training and professional services