Monitoring at scale

Monitor tens of thousands of nodes and process over 100M events per hour from a single Sensu cluster.

Enterprise-grade monitoring

The leading businesses rely on Sensu to monitor production workloads — helping them gain deep visibility into their entire infrastructure with true multi-tenancy and multi-cluster visibility — and keep pace as they scale.

Trusted for production workloads by industry leaders

Sensu’s embedded etcd can handle 10K connected devices & 40K agents/cluster. Learn why businesses like Uber, Citi, Box, and many more trust Sensu for monitoring at scale.

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True multi-tenancy for complex environments

The more complex your environment, the more suited Sensu is to address your monitoring needs. With Sensu features for multi-tenancy (such as RBAC), you can extend your reach further and more quickly, onboarding new teams with ease and efficiency.

Multi-cluster visibility

When it comes to globally distributed infrastructure, total visibility is more critical than ever. Sensu works across multiple datacenters (both logical and physical), with a single dashboard that gives you a complete picture of infrastructure health.

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A datastore built to scale

For high-volume, enterprise-grade event storage, Sensu supports external PostgreSQL databases, which allow you to scale Sensu without limit. Rest assured that your monitoring and observability strategy will keep pace with your growing business.

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