Doximity Case Study

Doximity is the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country with over a million members. Their platform offers its members curated medical news, case collaboration and messaging capabilities. Ben Abrams of Doximity describes how they use Sensu for monitoring in their hybrid cloud environment.

The Problem

Doximity had a multi-cloud environment consisting of AWS, VMware and Digital Ocean and services such as RDS, S3, kafka and custom Python applications. As they started using Chef and auto-scaling in the cloud, their existing Nagios solution could simply not keep up with the ephemeral cloud environment. They needed a system that was more modern for devOps and extensible for their environment.

“With Sensu’s remediation feature, I was able to fix something without ever having to wake them up”

Ben Abrams, Sr. DevOps Engineer @ Doximity

The Solution

Ben looked at Zenoss, PRTG, Cactii and other point-and-click type solutions also, but really wanted a modern developer friendly system that could be used by app developers and operations teams easily for easy transition of their workflow.

Sensu offered Doximity a developer friendly solution for his varied monitoring needs. It provided a framework which was flexible to address any needs of the future and provided total customization.

With Sensu’s remediation feature, Ben started thinking of monitoring as more than just alerting - he was able to fix something without ever having to page someone and wake them up in the middle of the night. With Sensu, Doximity’s IT team can make sure their services are up and their customers are not the ones telling them that things are broken.