Kubernetes monitoring with Sensu

Sensu empowers you to monitor ephemeral container infrastructures, including Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, Docker, Mesos, and Cloud Foundry.

Automated discovery of ephemeral microservices

Sensu is designed to effortlessly handle the ephemeral and challenging nature of container orchestration – without generating false alarms when a container or a pod is shut down. Sensu collects events, metrics, and labels from Kubernetes as well as Docker to give you deeper insight into your infrastructure.

Native integrations provide better choices

Instrument your applications and services using our native Prometheus and StatsD integrations – collect, convert, and analyze metrics using Sensu.

Migrate to Kubernetes with confidence

Not every application should be modified to run in a containerized environment. Sensu enables organizations to reuse existing monitoring instrumentation on containerized workloads without modification.

Truly cross-platform container monitoring

Besides monitoring container workloads on Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Docker Swarm, Mesos, and Cloud Foundry – Sensu also monitors the underlying hosts, whether they’re in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or Redhat OpenShift.

Collect container metrics, store them anywhere

With Sensu, it’s easy to collect Prometheus and StatsD metrics and store the data in the tools you’re already using – including InfluxDB, ElasticSearch, or Splunk. Free your metrics!

A monitoring agent when you need it, designed for container workloads

The Sensu agent can be run as a sidecar and automatically register with the Sensu backend and API. Based on the policies set in the Sensu API, it automatically downloads the required integrations and starts collecting data.

Stay informed

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