Sensu Community Chats

During these virtual chats, we get together with community members and industry experts to discuss all things monitoring as they intersect with with other topics such as DevOps, microservices, cloud, containers, continuous integration/delivery, integrations, and security. Community chats also feature folks from the Sensu product and engineering teams as they go over the latest features and releases.

Community Chat – March 2019 Edition – Bonsai, The Sensu Asset Index

Jef Spaleta, Sensu Developer Advocate, demos how to create an asset in Bonsai, the Sensu Asset Index.

Sensu Community Chat January 2019

Join Anna Plotkin, VP of Product, Sensu to discuss the latest Sensu Go releases and how to contribute to Sensu Go.

Sensu Community Chat December 2018 Edition

Sensu Developer Advocate, Jef Spaleta, shows off server side assets in Sensu-Go.

Sensu Community Chat: November 2018 Edition

Greg Poirier Sensu SVP of Engineering and Anna Plotkin Sensu Director of Product chat about the Sensu product roadmap; Enterprise 3.3 release, the upcoming Sensu Go GA release.

Sensu Community Chat: October 2018 Edition

J. Paul Reed joins us to share his views on release engineering, retrospectives, incident management, automation and the state of DevOps today.

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