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“Sensu stands out because you can customize it to check and alert on literally whatever you want. Plus, I’m confident that all our services are monitored, and that helps me sleep well at night.”

- Cameron Soleimani, DevOps Engineer, Uber Logo

“The Sensu Community has provided engineers the ability to more quickly and reliably monitor their services—accelerating everything from debugging systems and auto-remediation to design decisions.”

- Mani Hashemi, Engineering Manager, SRE Infrastructure,

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“Monitoring services in a dynamic world like this is a difficult challenge. Sensu is the only open-source monitoring tool I’ve seen that is up to this challenge.”

- Kyle Anderson, Site Reliability Engineer, Yelp

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“We have placed Sensu at the heart of our monitoring and alerting tooling, due to its flexibility, ease of adoption and stability.”

- Dermot Hennessy, Head of IT Operations, Paddy Power Betfair

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User testimonials


"We support millions of gamers on thousands of nodes. We had over 100K services across five different Nagios [deployments]. Morale on our team was incrdibly low, and turnover was incredibly high. So I went to senior leadership and asked if I could do something about it. We took a look at a ton of different offerings in the space and to be honest, there was only one answer: Sensu. It supports Nagios checks out of the box, it's incredibly extensible, and it's designed from the ground up for scalability."

Kale Stedman, Monitoring Manager

Industrial Light & Magic

"We use Sensu to monitor everything from physical nodes and hardware within our data centers, to VMware, OpenStack, and container instances."

Christopher Caillouet, Sr Production Engineer


"We have a lot of different teams using Sensu to create their own alerts. We are monitoring VMs in VMware and AWS instances. We're not quite doing Kubernetes yet, but we will soon."

Cameron Soleimani, Systems Engineer


"We are purely hosted in AWS. Production just surpassed 12,000 nodes. Hardcoding hosts into flat files on disk and then having a bunch of Perl scripts read in a flat file from disk was really a bottleneck [with Nagios]. The automatic registration and deregistration of hosts [in Sensu] was essential to allowing us to be flexible in AWS. We looked at DataDog, various forks of Nagios, and Prometheus, but ultimately we landed on Sensu."

Jared Ledvina, Cloud Operations Engineer


"Ericsson is a company with over 100,000 employees, so there are tons of Sensu [instances] everywhere. We’re focusing on monitoring as part of our DevOps solution, and wanted to bring Sensu in as the glue to bring all of the pieces together (like Prometheus and all the different application monitoring solutions we’re currently implementing). We wanted to have something that can funnel that into one place, and Sensu seemed like the best fit."

Travis Rowland, Lead DevOps Architect


"We needed something more dynamic than the old host-based Nagios style monitoring for our rapid deployments and teardowns. Sensu was the first and only tool that we ended up demoing because it worked that well and integrated so well with our configuration management. We have 4,500 machines in production, and pretty much all of them are Linux, Windows, or AIX boxes. Sensu lets me sleep more at night."

Christopher Sabo, Automation Engineer


"I’ve been using Sensu since about 2014. I’d recommend Sensu because of its extensibility. There’s a lot of tools out there that can do monitoring, but very few of them are frameworks for monitoring. You could use Sensu as just a Nagios replacement, but it can do so much more. It’s really about making sure things are up and making sure our customers aren’t the ones telling us things are broken."

Ben Abrams, Senior DevOps Engineer

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