Register your Sensu cluster. Get rewarded.

Please take a moment to register your install so we can help you along your journey. We'll even reward you for reaching certain milestones. To get your first reward, simply add your first ten checks and connect at least ten agents and we'll send you a link for a free reward, shipped straight to you from the Sensu store.

How it works

Install Sensu. If you need help getting started, follow this guide follow this guide.

Register your Sensu cluster. Once you have Sensu installed, just fill in this form using the output of the sensuctl cluster id command.

Get rewards. We'll monitor your progress and send you a reward as soon as you configure 10 checks and add 10 nodes to your Sensu cluster.

How does our usage monitoring work? Sensu has a built-in anonymous usage reporting service called Tessen. Tessen helps us improve our product by observing which features our users get the most value from.