So Fresh, So Clean

Hi Friends! As Sensu continues to gain momentum and attract new users, we want to continue to improve the new user onboarding experience, and make it as seamless as possible. Although we think the most direct UX enhancements will come via improvements to Sensu itself, and to the user documentation, we also think the website plays an important role — so we gave it a makeover!


Please take a moment to look around and check out the many improvements, including:

  1. A clearer pitch about why Sensu is awesome
  2. A better explanation of the complete Sensu Enterprise value-proposition(hint: it’s not just about support)
  3. A more comprehensive list of what you can do with Sensu (i.e. the “features”)
  4. A more obvious list of services that are available for Sensu
  5. A better reading experience for the Sensu documentation (because typography is important)

As helpful as those resources are, perhaps the most important feature of the new Sensu website is this blog. We wanted to create a home for keeping tabs on what’s new with Sensu, so as of today this blog will become the official home for new release announcements, documentation updates , Sensu Training events, Sensu community events, new how-to tutorials, and much much more.

New Hotness

While having a “single source of truth” for staying up to date on all the latest and greatest news about Sensu is super useful, it doesn’t help if you don’t remember to visit often. So we’re solving that problem too via the Sensu Newsletter: simply subscribe to the newsletter to get notified whenever there’s a new blog post — that’s new hotness delivered directly to your inbox!

Spreading the #monitoringlove

Finally, we wanted to make it easier to share the latest news about Sensu, and to promote discussions around each new blog post. Instead of trapping that type of communication in the confines of blog post comments, we’re going to rally each blog post around a Twitter hashtag (e.g. #NewSensuWebsite) by anchoring every blog post with a suggestion to join the conversation.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you the new website!