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Level up your monitoring with enterprise-grade features and best-in-class support when you need it.

Monitoring at scale

Thousands of companies rely on Sensu for monitoring their entire infrastructure.


The power of Sensu

Instrument your applications and infrastructure, observe telemetry and event data in real time, and route incidents to the right teams. From Kubernetes to bare metal, Sensu empowers you to automate your monitoring workflow.

Thousands of companies love & trust Sensu

Key features of Sensu Go

Sensu Go is a monitoring event pipeline, trusted for production workloads by industry leaders for infrastructure monitoring — from Kubernetes to bare metal.

Universal auto discovery

Get fully automated discovery and deregistration across public and private cloud providers and containers. Dynamically scale your infrastructure up or down without generating false-positive alert storms.

Service checks & metrics

Sensu can monitor application and system services, detecting those in an unhealthy state. Service checks can be used, for example, to determine if a service like HAProxy is up or down, or if a web application is not responding.

Prometheus and Nagios compatibility

Sensu integrates with the tools you’re already using, including InfluxDB, Prometheus, ElasticDB, Grafana, and many more. Consolidate legacy monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga and Zabbix, offering a clean and seamless migration to cloud and container environments.

Alerts & incident management

Create and resolve incidents as they happen. Sensu notifies your team about events before your customers do, using services such as email, PagerDuty, and Slack. Cut down on alert fatigue and improve SRE retention.

Sensu dashboard

The Sensu backend includes the Sensu dashboard: a unified view of your events, entities, and checks with user-friendly tools to reduce alert fatigue.

Developer APIs

The Sensu agent provides a TCP and UDP socket that can accept external JSON data. Applications can leverage this interface to report errors directly to Sensu or ship application-specific metric data.

Enterprise-grade features

Unlock enterprise-only features in Sensu Go and benefit from our world-class support. The enterprise license provides you with Sensu’s compiled, tested, and digitally signed binaries.

Enterprise authentication

Support for LDAP, Active Directory, SAML and other Single Sign-On protocols.*

High-performance event cache

Get 10x pipeline performance boost compared to the OSS version by using a relational query engine for event caching.

Enterprise workflow integrations

Two-way integrations with ServiceNow, JIRA, Moogsoft, & more.

Multi-tenant UI & namespaces API

Support for LDAP, Active Directory, SAML and other Single Sign-On protocols.*

Server-side API filters

Filter by labels or other fields within the API directly for smaller query results, and reduce resource utilization on the backend.

High-performance datastore integrations

High-speed handlers for storing events in Elastic, Splunk, Wavefront, & more.

Multi-site multi-tenancy (federation)

Multiple installations of Sensu behaving as a single unit (ideal for deployments over 30K devices).

High-performance gRPC extension for handlers

Write custom high-performance handlers using the gRPC support in the Sensu backend.

SNMP trap handler

Support for handling and filtering SNMP v1/2c/3 traps.

Agent event spooling

For intermittent host connectivity or isolation, the Sensu agent spools all events until connectivity is restored.

Aggregates checks

Create composite checks for dependent services or clusters by creating aggregate rules.

Support & professional services

Email & phone support, including premium 24×7 and professional services for architecture and deployment services.

*Some features are in early beta. Please contact us for details.

Discover and share integrations

Bonsai, the Sensu asset index, makes it easy to find, create and share monitoring use cases, including popular integrations like the Sensu Slack, InfluxDB, and PagerDuty handlers.

Manage it all from the Sensu dashboard

Sensu provides a single pane of glass for maintaining total visibility into your infrastructure, plus several enhancements designed for the enterprise.

Ready for the enterprise

Bring your own authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, OIDC, SAML, etc.) and Sensu will work with your predefined users and roles.

True multi-tenancy

From one Sensu install to a hybrid cloud solution with many servers, the Sensu dashboard lets you manage everything in one place.

Meaningful and actionable

The Sensu dashboard means business, and only surfaces immediately actionable, meaningful alerts for your team to respond to.

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