Sensu Enterprise

Everything you know and love about Sensu Core, plus Enterprise-only features, training, and support.

Monitoring for today’s business

Thousands of companies rely on Sensu for monitoring their entire infrastructure.

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The power of Sensu

Instrument your applications and infrastructure, observe telemetry and event data in real time, and route incidents to the right teams. From Kubernetes to bare metal, Sensu empowers you to automate your monitoring workflow.

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Thousands of companies love & trust Sensu

Enterprise-only features

Sensu Enterprise builds on Sensu Core with critical value-added features, including contact routing, metric translation, and RBAC.

Built-in contact routing

Every incident or outage has an ideal first responder, a team or individual with the knowledge to triage and address an issue. Sensu Enterprise contact routing makes it possible to assign checks to specific teams and/or individuals, reducing MTTR. Contact routing works with all of the Sensu Enterprise third-party integrations.

Metric translation

Sensu Enterprise provides built-in metric translation that allows you to collect metrics in various formats from disparate data sources, and mutate them into a proprietary intermediate format that has been optimized for portability, and then output metric data to multiple destinations. Metric Translation enables you to leverage plugins that don't collect metric data in the same format as your metric data store. Sensu Enterprise currently supports translation to and from the following metric specifications:

Enterprise console

Sensu Enterprise extends the value of the "single pane of glass" provided by Uchiwa and adds several important enhancements designed for the enterprise.

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Service checks@2x

Ready for the enterprise

Bring your own authentication (LDAP, GitHub, etc.) and Sensu will work with your predefined users and roles.

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Send notifications@2x

Many systems, one console

From one Sensu install to a hybrid cloud solution with many servers, the Enterprise console lets you manage everything in one place.

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Collect metrics@2x

Meaningful and actionable

Sensu's console means business, and only surfaces immediately actionable, meaningful alerts for your team to respond to.

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