Sensu solutions

Complete visibility with the Sensu monitoring event pipeline.

Do you simply want to monitor your servers and containers to be aware of outages before your customers are? Or “ping” websites, servers, or other endpoints for availability and performance? Or get detailed visibility into your applications – including custom application metrics?

The Sensu monitoring event pipeline is completely configurable and flexible. Here are just a few of the ways you can harness the power of Sensu.

Solutions overview

Container monitoring

Sensu is designed to effortlessly handle the ephemeral and challenging nature of container orchestration. Collect events, metrics, and labels from Kubernetes, RedHat OpenShift, Docker, Mesos, and Cloud Foundry.

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Hybrid cloud monitoring

Sensu was designed from the ground up to solve problems related to ephemeral compute. Collect events and metrics, and get fully automated discovery and deregistration across AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, and VMware.

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Leading Nagios alternative

Sensu is the best-in-class Nagios alternative that frees you from the fragility of object definition dependencies without forcing you to give up trusty Nagios plugins (Sensu is 100% compatible with the Nagios plugin specification).

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Start with one use case, pave the way for others

Most Sensu users start with a simple problem: How do I reproduce our on-premise infrastructure monitoring capabilities in the cloud without starting over? Or, how do I reduce the number of false-positive infrastructure monitoring alerts I’m getting that are related to cloud/container provisioning events?

But all that cloud and container infrastructure also has applications and services running on it, and they need monitoring too. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could collect and analyze availability and performance data for your applications and microservices using the same pipeline? Sensu makes it easy to onboard new teams, and spread to new environments.

Sensu is easy to use, share, and scale

The Sensu monitoring event pipeline was designed to empower users to solve problems without starting over. Generating and collecting availability and performance data has been a solved problem for a long time, why should you reinvent those wheels when all you really need is a way to orchestrate and aggregate that collection across a modern ephemeral infrastructure?

From the moment of you configure your first alert, Sensu becomes an incomparable and indispensable tool, solving real-world problems without reinventing wheels. Sensu is easy to use, share, and scale, and adds value every step of the way.

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