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Sharing Sensu with Multiple Teams using Ansible

For the last two years, I have supported a single Sensu cluster shared by multiple teams, each with their own requirements, thresholds, and contacts. How does it all work, how can these different uses coexist?

This talk describes how Ansible is used to configure and deploy Sensu for multiple teams, how much autonomy is granted each one, and where the bottlenecks are.

It was inspired by a request made in a Community Chat last month.

David Schroeder

Software Engineer, Viasat, Inc.

David Schroeder is a software engineer with close to 15 years of practical experience in building, enhancing, scaling out, and managing different monitoring platforms. He is a family man and Linux geek, and his interest in monitoring extends beyond the workplace, having developed a number of monitoring solutions around the home as well.

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