Sensu Enterprise

Sensu Enterprise is everything you know and love about Sensu, with built-in integrations designed to get Sensu up and running with the tools you're already using, plus training & enterprise-class support for when you need help.

Enterprise level monitoring

Sensu Enterprise isn't just about support—it is the best version of Sensu available. It's all the features you have come to know and love from Sensu Core, performance-optimized for large-scale deployments, and packed full of integrations that make it easy to leverage Sensu with the tools and services you are already using.

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The Sensu Advantage

Instrument your applications and infrastructure, observe telemetry and event data in real time, and route incidents to the right teams. From mainframes to Kubernetes—get complete visibility across every system, every protocol, every time.

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Built in integration@2x

The tools you're
already using

Sensu Enterprise ships with built-in third-party integrations for many of the tools and services you're already using, and fits in seamlessly with your organization's existing workflows.

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Training to help you succeed

All Sensu Enterprise customers have access to FREE annual training designed to help you get the most out of Sensu at scale. Our training curriculum includes hands-on workshops and equips your team with the monitoring best practices they need to succeed.

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Support for when you need us most

The Sensu Community is a fantastic resource for asking questions and getting help with most Sensu needs, almost any time of day. Sensu Enterprise customers also get access to Enterprise Support – a guaranteed resource when you need it the most.

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Enterprise Console

Sensu Enterprise extends the value of the 'single pane of glass' provided by Uchiwa and adds several important enhancements designed for the enterprise.

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Ready for the Enterprise

Bring your own authentication (LDAP, GitHub, etc.) and Sensu will work with your predefined users and roles.

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Many Systems, One Console

From one Sensu install to a hybrid cloud solution with many servers, the Enterprise console lets you manage everything in one place.

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Collect metrics@2x

Meaningful and actionable

Sensu's console means business, and only surfaces immediately actionable, meaningful alerts for your team to respond to.

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It's not what that makes us different, it's who

Sensu’s community of users and maintainers is at the heart of our success.



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subject matter experts


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A growing
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Monthly installs

Sensu is being
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You're in good company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Sensu Enterprise? Please contact our sales team today to learn more – we're happy to help!

Is Sensu Enterprise available as a hosted / SaaS solution?

No. Like Sensu Core, Sensu Enterprise is installed on your infrastructure alongside other applications and services – it can run on bare metal systems, VMware, AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, and more. Sensu packages are available for all major computing platforms and architectures, including: RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, IBM AIX, Solaris, ARM systems, and more.

Is Sensu Enterprise just technical support, or does it include additional features?

Sensu Enterprise provides several additional features on top of the open source monitoring framework, including built-in third-party integrations that have been written from the ground up for optimal performance and security. Sensu Enterprise also includes solutions for granular role-based access controls (RBAC), external authentication (e.g. LDAP/OIDC/OAuth), audit logging, and many more capabilities that make it enterprise-ready, today.

If I already have Sensu Core installed, can I upgrade to Sensu Enterprise?

Absolutely! Sensu Enterprise is designed as a drop-in replacement and upgrade from Sensu Core. Simply install the Sensu Enterprise packages on the systems that are currently running the Sensu Core server and API, stop the sensu-server and sensu-api processes, and start Sensu Enterprise – it even uses the same configuration files!

Ready to get started?

Learn more about what we offer to find the option that is right for you, or talk directly to our sales team to get started.

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