Using Sensu for Alerting and Historical Analysis

In this testimonial, DevOps Manager James Sandlin discusses previous monitoring solutions (including Nagios, Icinga, and Zabbix) and why they’re using Sensu Go. Instead of the “old-school way” of setting up things — which doesn’t work with dynamic scaling — he likes that Sensu enables him to start with automation from the ground up. With Sensu’s ability for de-registration, he knows he won’t get a deluge of alerts when he deletes a bunch of build nodes. He’s also a fan of the Sensu Community and is looking to use Sensu as both an alerting and historical analysis tool — providing uptime metrics and historical reporting as well as real-time status for customers. Already he’s found that Sensu has alerted the team to issues that they wouldn’t have caught until users “come screaming” — watch the video to learn more.