Sensu Plugins for RouterOS

Sensu Plugin Skeleton

All the files you'll need to start your own plugin written in Ruby for Sensu, the monitoring framework.

Useful to Me?

  • Copy the files in this repository if you want to write a Ruby plugin following best practices of layout and structure
  • To write the actual functionality, you'll need to import Sensu Plugin gem
  • If you'd prefer writing in Python, use the Python Plugin library
  • Regardless of the chosen language, prepare the plugin to be released as a Ruby gem for optimal portability (example: MongoDB has Ruby and Python code)


To release your own plugin, complete the following:

  • Double check that another plugin doesn't already do what you need by searching the Sensu Plugins organization
  • Copy the files here into your own repository following the naming convention of sensu-plugins-$FOO
  • Delete or move this file and rename to
  • Write your own checks, handlers or mutators using the plugin library of your choice
  • Push them to your own GitHub repository
  • Release them as a Ruby gem for optimal portability within the Sensu 1.x framework
  • Ask for feedback from your peers by sharing it on in the #contributing channel on Sensu Community Slack
  • When you're ready to share further, offer to share it with broader community by transferring it to Sensu Plugins organization
  • If you end up loving maintaining your plugin, volunteer to be an org maintainer

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