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  • st2_handler.rb


You can easily install this pack using sensu-install as following.

$ sudo sensu-install -p stackstorm



usage: st2_handler.rb [-h] [--verbose] [--unauthed] [--ssl-verify]

StackStorm sensu event handler.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  --verbose, -v     Verbose mode.
  --unauthed, -u    Allow to post to unauthed st2. E.g. when auth is disabled
                    server side.
  --ssl-verify, -k  Turn on SSL verification for st2 APIs.


This is the configuration parameters that st2_handler refers.

parameter description default value
st2_username Username that is authenticated by the StackStorm st2admin
st2_password Password that corresponds to the Username to be authenticated password
st2_api_key API Key value to authenticate API access (see also: api-keys)
st2_api_base_url The base URL to access to the st2api http://localhost:9101/v1/
st2_auth_base_url The base URL to access to the st2auth http://localhost:9100/

You can set these configurations in a Sensu configuration source file (e.g. /etc/sensu/conf.d/st2_handler.json) as following.

  "st2_handler": {
    "st2_username": "testu",
    "st2_password": "testp",
    "st2_api_key": "",
    "st2_api_base_url": "http://localhost:9101/v1/",
    "st2_auth_base_url": "http://localhost:9100/"

(see also: sensu-configuration-source)


After installing this plugin by sensu-install command, you can manually dispatch StackStorm trigger sensu.event_handler of Sensu pack with the message of Sensu Events for confirmation the normality. If the setup goes well, you can get following result.

$ echo '{"client": {"name": 1}, "check":{"name": 2}, "id": "12345"}' | /opt/sensu/embedded/bin/st2_handler.rb
Sent sensu event to st2. HTTP_CODE:                 202

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