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Microsoft Teams Handler



  • bin/handler-microsoft-teams.rb

Usage for handler-microsoft-teams.rb

  "microsoft-teams": {
    "webhook_url": "webhook url",
    "dashboard": "uchiwa url, add link to teams notification. Format:$DataCenter/, optional",
    "channel": "#notifications-room, optional defaults to webhook defined",
    "message_prefix": "optional prefix - can be used for mentions",
    "surround": "optional - can be used for bold(*), italics(_), code(`) and preformatted(```)",
    "bot_name": "optional bot name, defaults to webhook defined",
    "link_names": "optional - find and link channel names and usernames",
    "message_template": "optional description erb template file - /some/path/to/template.erb",
    "payload_template": "optional json payload template file (note: overrides most other template options.)",
    "template": "backwards-compatible alias for message_template",
    "proxy_address": "The HTTP proxy address (example:",
    "proxy_port": "The HTTP proxy port (if there is a proxy)",
    "proxy_username": "The HTTP proxy username (if there is a proxy)",
    "proxy_password": "The HTTP proxy user password (if there is a proxy)",
    "icon_url": "",
    "icon_emoji": ":snowman:",
    "action_type": "The type of action - currently only OpenUri is supported",
    "action_name": "The text that will be displayed on screen for the action"

Usage for microsoft-teams.json

  "microsoft-teams": {
    "webhook_url": "",
    "dashboard": "https://sensu.domain.tld/#/client/Sensu/",
    "action_type": "openuri",
    "action_name": "View in Sensu"


Installation and Setup

To install the plugin, run sensu-install -p microsoft-teams.


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