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This plugin is used for monitoring GPG keys.


  • bin/check-gpg-expiration.rb
  • bin/check-all-gpg-keys-for-expiry.rb


In a proper gem environment, plugins can be executed directly from the command line. If you want to check GPG keys' expiry dates, you can use the 'check-all-gpg-keys-for-expiry' plugin. This will only work for Ruby scripts. Scripts in other languages will still need to be called directly due to binstubs not being automatically created.

check-all-gpg-keys-for-expiry.rb -w 7 -c 2 -h ~/.gnupg --do-not-display-json-message

Depending on Ruby environment, you may need to call Ruby directly.

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/ruby check-all-gpg-keys-for-expiry.rb -w 7 -c 2 -h ~/.gnupg --do-not-display-json-message


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