Environmental Checks

This plugin provides native environmental instrumentation for metrics collection, including: temperature via `sensors`.


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Plugin to collect environmental metrics (e.g. temperatures, power draw).



  • --scheme: The scheme to concatenate the metrics with (default: HOSTNAME.sensors)


Multiple chips are supported and labelled by the chip name (e.g. sensors.coretemp-isa-0000.core0, sensors.i350bb-pci-8100.loc1). Depending on the chip you will get different metrics.

  • sensors.CHIPNAME.coreCORE_NUMBER: Temperature of the core (Degree Celsius)
  • sensors.CHIPNAME.locLOCATION_NUMBER: Temperature of the location (Degree Celsius)
  • sensors.CHIPNAME.physicalidCPU_NUMBER: Temperature of the CPU as a whole (Degree Celsius)
  • sensors.CHIPNAME.powerNUMBER: Power draw of the machine (Watt)

If you do not get all of the listed values, your mainboard probably does not support the features. To check, you can query it yourself by running sensors or sensors -A respectively.



Maps high and crit values as reported by lm-sensors to warning and critical status respectivley.


To collect metrics with the scheme of your choice:

metrics-temperature.rb --scheme YOUR_SCHEME_HERE


sensu-install --plugin sensu-plugins-environmental-checks

In order to use this plugin you will the need sensors installed. Prepackaged versions exist, e.g. the Ubuntu package is named lm-sensors.

For more help see Installation and Setup.

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