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Sensu is an open-core monitoring platform that empowers organizations to compose comprehensive monitoring & telemetry solutions that meet their unique business requirements.

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What can you do with Sensu?

Sensu is an open-core monitoring platform that empowers organizations to compose comprehensive monitoring & telemetry solutions that meet their unique business requirements. By providing a platform to build upon, Sensu enables you to focus on what to monitor and measure, rather than how.

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Full-stack monitoring for today's business.

Service checks@2x

Execute Service Checks

Sensu can monitor application and system services, detecting those in an unhealthy state. Service checks can be used, for example, to determine if a service like HAProxy is up or down, or if a web application is responding to requests.

Send notifications@2x

Send Notifications

Sensu notifies your team about events before your customers do, using services such as Email, PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, IRC, etc.

Collect metrics@2x

Collect Metrics

Sensu simplifies the process of gaining insightful metrics from complex distributed systems. The Sensu check format is composed of an exit status code, and an arbitrary payload (e.g. message string, PerfData, JSON, animated cat GIFs, etc). This simplicity provides a single platform to collect every metric data point that is meaningful to your business.

Dynamic client reg@2x

Dynamic Client Registry

Sensu's use of the pubsub pattern of communication allows for automated registration & de-registration of ephemeral systems — allowing you to dynamically scale your infrastructure up and down without fear of generating false-positive alert storms.

Self service monitoring@2x

Self-Service Monitoring

Sensu provides support for centralized and decentralized (or distributed) monitoring, enabling operations teams to maintain a standard service level for the entire organization without placing unnecessary restrictions on developers. Give your users access to monitoring without relinquishing control.

External input@2x

External Input

Sensu’s monitoring agent (sensu-client) provides a TCP and UDP socket that can accept external JSON data. Applications can leverage this interface to report errors directly to Sensu or ship application-specific metric data.

Reuse Existing Monitoring tools

Sensu allows you to reuse monitoring checks and plugins from legacy monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, and many more. Sensu was designed from day one as a replacement for an aging Nagios installation, and to this day monitoring plugin compatibility remains as one of Sensu's most compelling features. Breathe new life into your existing monitoring instrumentation.

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Support for all major platforms

Native system packages are available for installing Sensu on every major operating system, further extending its reach as a strategic platform within technically diverse organizations.

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Designed for your workflow and tools

Sensu is the feedback loop for your application and infrastructure engineering teams. Rather than supporting modern DevOps tooling as an afterthought, Sensu was designed to work with automation tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. With Sensu, monitoring does not require an additional, separate workflow — monitoring enhances your existing application and infrastructure as code development workflows.

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Sensu Plugins

Monitoring your infrastructure with Sensu saves valuable time with Sensu Plugins. Including Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra.

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