[On-demand webinar] Unlock self-service infrastructure monitoring with the Sensu Integration Catalog

Take the guesswork out of deploying infrastructure and application monitoring with automated data collection of metrics and events!

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Get started with the Sensu Integration Catalog

  • Discover all of the integrations you need in one place. Everything you need to deploy infrastructure monitoring for cross-platform and multi-cloud environments.
  • Enable integrations with the click of a button. Sensu eliminates the need for complex third-party configuration management, or constant modification of monitoring agent configuration files.
  • Backed by industry-leading monitoring as code solution. Sensu provides new users with a point-and-click interface to get started quickly, while facilitating DevOps and SRE automation best practices.

Presented by:

Caleb Hailey, Senior Director, Product Development

Caleb Hailey is the Senior Director, Product Development at Sumo Logic and formerly Co-founder, CEO of Sensu Inc. Before founding Sensu, Caleb was President at Heavy Water Operations as well as Director of Product Development at Novitas Data, where he rebuilt their software development division, shortened development cycles from years to weeks, and cemented deals with several Fortune 500 companies. An Oregon native, Caleb loves contributing to open source projects, wine tasting, and cheering the Portland Timbers to victory.

Jef Spaleta, Principal Product Manager

Jef Spaleta is the Principal Product Manager at Sumo Logic, where he works with the Sensu Community to create compelling solutions and stories. His work with Sensu as a user and developer enables him to gain valuable insight that helps inform Sensu product messaging and engineering priorities. Residing in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jef’s interests range from technology to coffee, curling, and singing.

Troy Howard, Senior Software Development Advocate

Troy Howard is a long-time open-source contributor and community organizer. He as worked with the Apache Software Foundation since 2010, and founded numerous open-source communities such as Write The Docs, ML4ALL, and .NET Fringe. He cares deeply about nurturing mutual aid between engineers, and works to ensure that everyone can understand modern computing, and has access to use its power to better their lives and the world around them.

About Sensu

Sensu is a real-time infrastructure & application monitoring platform designed for large scale applications and infrastructure. Sensu combines event data + infrastructure and custom application metrics with powerful monitoring-as-code workflows to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for multi-cloud observability.

Consolidating tools and eliminating observability data silos is easy with built-in support for thousands of plugins & exporters, and a programmable observability pipeline.

Trusted for production workloads by industry leaders