Set Up Sensu Plus in Four Easy Steps!

Sensu Plus is a packaged solution that combines Sensu’s industry-leading Monitoring as Code solution with the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence™️ platform. Configuring Sensu for use with Sumo Logic is easy — just follow these steps:

  1. Create a Sumo Logic account
  2. Add a Hosted Collector and HTTP Logs & Metrics Source for Sensu Go
  3. Copy the HTTP Source Address URL
  4. Use the HTTP Source Address URL to configure a SumoLogicMetricsHandler in Sensu Go (requires version 6.5.0 or later)

For detailed instructions, check out our user documentation.

If you need any help, please join the Sensu Community Discourse or contact Sensu Customer Support.

All of the SRE monitoring tools you need, in one place

Introducing Sensu Plus, an integrated solution that provides Sensu users with access to the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence™️ platform and observability suite – now available with simple, node-based pricing.

An integrated analytics solution for all Sensu users

Visualize infrastructure and application monitoring and observability data in real-time with turn-key dashboards, powered by the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence™️ platform. With access to Sumo Logic, users can also configure custom dashboards and access all of the SRE monitoring tools you need in one place, powered by machine learning.

Trusted for production workloads by industry leaders

About Sensu

Sensu is a real-time infrastructure & application monitoring platform designed for large scale applications and infrastructure. Sensu combines event data + infrastructure and custom application metrics with powerful monitoring-as-code workflows to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for multi-cloud observability.

Consolidating tools and eliminating observability data silos is easy with built-in support for thousands of plugins & exporters, and a programmable observability pipeline.