Introducing the Sensu Partner Network

Sensu, the emerging monitoring solution of choice for organizations that are embracing DevOps and automation best practices, today announced its new Sensu Partner Network, establishing a standard for added-value partners and providing a resource to help Sensu users get the most out of the monitoring framework. The Sensu Partner Network will help align organizations around the world that bring added-value to the Sensu monitoring framework and Sensu Enterprise product. Sensu partners range from consulting firms who can assist with large scale Sensu deployments, to technical partners whose products and services are complementary to a Sensu-based monitoring solution.

The first of many partnerships is also being announced at this time, with becon GmbH — a consulting firm serving the Germany, Austria, and Switzerland markets, who is helping bring Sensu into organizations like Siemens, T-Systems, Nokia, and others. Becon will bring its nearly 30-years as a service provider in the information and telecommunications technology industry to the table to assist customers with everything they need to be successful with Sensu, including: monitoring strategy development, architectural and security design, migration from legacy monitoring solutions (e.g. Nagios, Icinga, etc), training, and ongoing technical support.

“We love Sensu for its intelligent architecture, clean code, scalability, and support for configuration management systems like Ansible, Chef, Puppet and Salt. Customers love that it integrates well with their existing systems and frees them to focus on their core competencies. We’re pleased to be part of the Sensu Partner Network, working with Sensu, Inc. and the community to make Sensu a success.” — Steffen Rieger (CEO, becon GmbH)

The Sensu Consulting Partners program provides members with inside access to Sensu engineering, training, support, sales, and marketing resources, so that mutual customers can trust a Sensu Partner service or solution will help save them time and money. All Sensu Consulting Partners are required to enroll key personnel in Sensu Training, and be actively involved in the Sensu community, ensuring that the larger Network of partners remains current on the latest Sensu developments.

Sensu Technology Partners have a shared interest in the success of Sensu Core and Enterprise offerings. Sensu, Inc. works closely with these technology partners to develop integrations and features that add value to our shared users and the larger Sensu ecosystem.

About becon

becon has been the partner of choice for projects and operational support in the IT enterprise sector for over 25 years. While you take care of your business, becon makes sure your data center processes run smoothly and provide expert IT specialists for all your needs.

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