Flipping the Bit on Sensu 2.0

TL;DR Sensu 2.0 is open source and available for download, testing, and feedback. More details available at the GitHub repo and the #sensu2 channel of our Community Slack.

Last year was a series of milestones for Sensu. After shipping Sensu 1.0, we previewed a pre-alpha version of “next-gen Sensu” at Monitorama, talked at length about the new project at Sensu Summit 2017, and finally shared our progress in a private Alpha program with a select group of users. Last but not least, our own Sean Porter closed the year with a look forward into Sensu’s 2018 and beyond.

All throughout, our engineering team has been hard at work building Sensu 2.0, a new framework written in Go and designed from the ground up to be more portable, easier and faster to deploy, and (even more) friendly to containerized and serverless environments. But above all, it was designed to support all of the features and functionality you’ve come to know and love about Sensu 1.0.

With that, we’re extremely proud to release Sensu 2.0 to the community as our newest open source project. The project is still under heavy development, but we believe that it’s ready for users to begin testing the software in production as we continue to add polish and establish best practices.

What’s Next?

We’re going to work closely with the community to gather feedback, especially bug reports and enhancements, as we work towards a Beta cycle within the next few months. The response has been fantastic, with contributions already rolling in from Sensu users. Very soon we will also be revealing a new documentation site with updated docs for Sensu 2.0 and beyond.

If you haven’t already, go check out the project and its documentation (on the aforementioned beta docs site). Open a GitHub issue to report any bugs or unexpected behavior. Oh, and join the discussion online — a large number of users (and Sensu engineers) are also hanging out in the #sensu2 channel of our Community Slack, discussing feature plans, migration tactics, and more.

Thanks to Cameron Johnston.