Upcoming Sensu Training Opportunities

The October-November training schedule is now available for registration!

Back in May of this year, we shared the history of Sensu Training, and announced a new webinar format for Sensu Training. We also published a schedule of FREE webinar sessions covering the complete Sensu Training curriculum. These initial training sessions were very well received, with nearly 100 attendees from all over the world participating in them.

Following our success from the initial run through the Sensu Webinar Training curriculum, we are happy to extend another round of FREE Sensu Webinar Training, beginning this Thursday October 19, 2017 at 10:00 AM PT. Please visit the Sensu website to see the complete schedule, and register today!

The full schedule is here The full schedule is here

The Sensu Webinar Training curriculum now consists of ten (10) one-hour training sessions, on the following topics:

Sensu Basics

An introduction to the Sensu monitoring framework, including a high level technical overview of Sensu’s architecture, and monitoring building blocks. New Sensu users are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions.

1) Intro to Sensu, Part 1

2) Intro to Sensu, Part 2

Technical Overview (Administrator Training)

A deep-dive on Sensu’s architecture, including operational insights and high availability configurations. These sessions are heavily geared towards operators and site reliability engineers who may be responsible for operating Sensu.

3) Sensu Transport

4) Sensu Data Store

5) Event Processing, Monitoring Agent & API Services

6) Sensu API

Building Blocks (Developer Training)

A deep-dive into Sensu’s core building blocks, including monitoring checks and event processing workflows, and an introduction to extending the Sensu framework (e.g. via custom plugins and extensions). These sessions are heavily geared towards developers who may consume Sensu as a monitoring service.

7) Sensu Clients & Checks

8) Sensu Event Processing

9) Extending Sensu

10) Sensu Dashboards

We look forward to seeing you attend an upcoming Sensu Training Webinar, and welcome your feedback on the content and format.

There’s a lot of value to unpack out of Sensu and our training is here to help There’s a lot of value to unpack out of Sensu and our training is here to help.

For users looking for private Sensu Training via video conferencing or on-site visit, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team today and we’ll be happy to facilitate your needs.

Thank you for your interest in Sensu!