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Check out our courses to get step-by-step instructions to help you in your Sensu journey. If you’re new to Sensu, we recommend starting with Sensu 101.

Learn Sensu Go: 101

Track: Beginner

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Sensu, including how to install Sensu, using sensuctl and the dashboard, container monitoring, and more.

Learn Sensu Go: Checks

Track: Intermediate

In this course, you’ll learn about check definitions, including check tokens and hooks, proxy checks, check scheduling, and API keys.

Learn Sensu Go: External services

Track: Intermediate

In this course, you’ll learn about using handlers to customize alerts, TCP and UDP handlers, secrets management, and mutators.

Video learning library

Videos on getting started with Sensu, building and sharing assets, monitoring Kubernetes, and more.

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