Mercedes Coyle is a Sensei

Introducing Mercedes Coyle, Engineer

NOTE: Mercedes joined Team Sensu on June 26, 2017, in the middle of a period of rapid headcount growth. This belated announcement is one in a series to catch up on introducing our new team members to the Sensu Community.

We’re excited to welcome Mercedes Coyle as the newest member of our Engineering team.

Mercedes joins us from her previous role as a Software Engineer on Comcast’s Core Applications Platform team, and will be focused on backend engineering for Sensu 2.0.

Mercedes will be working from her home in Molalla, Oregon where she lives on a 50-acre plot of farmland with her husband, and beloved chickens. Mercedes enjoys making things with her hands (and/or a 3D printer), photography, and did we mention the chickens — she likes tending to her chickens. 🐓

Why we’re excited about working with Mercedes

Mercedes is an important addition for the Sensu Engineering team. Her expertise in operations, automation, and polyglot programming will help improve the Sensu 2.0 user experience, making it more operator friendly. Plus, in general we find Mercedes’ “hacker mentality” is dope, and contagious!

You can follow Mercedes on GitHub at and on Twitter as @benzobot.

Thanks to Jason Dixon and Sensu.