Matt Broberg is a Sensei

Introducing Matt Broberg, VP Community

NOTE: Matt joined Team Sensu on June 19, 2017, in the middle of a period of rapid headcount growth. This belated announcement is one in a series to catch up on introducing our new team members to the Sensu Community.

We’re excited to welcome Matt Broberg as the newest member of the Sensu Leadership team!

Matt joins us from the Intel where he was a Developer Advocate Team Lead and Product Owner on the Intel Snap project (an open source telemetry framework). Following his successes at Intel, Matt will lead efforts to support and grow the Sensu Community as our new VP Community. In doing so, Matt will help provide better documentation, communication tools, and generally streamline and simplify the onboarding experience for contributing to Sensu open source projects.

The Geek Whisperers

Matt will be working from his hometown of Portland, Oregon where he lives with his wife Adele, and their cat, Josie. Matt enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and creating podcasts The Geek Whisperers.

Josie Matt got a new laptop and Josie got a new place to hang out.

You can follow Matt on GitHub at, and on Twitter as @mbbroberg. Join us in welcoming him to the Sensu Community!