Announcing the Sensu rewards program

Register your Sensu cluster, get rewarded!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest iteration of the Sensu rewards program! Register your Sensu cluster to get tailored-to-you monitoring advice and custom swag, featuring Lizy, the Sensu mascot.

Sensu rewards Lizy, the monitor lizard, and official Sensu mascot!

In this post, I’ll give a brief overview of our rewards program, including the rewards levels, swag available, and how registering your cluster can help you achieve your observability goals.

Why register?

Aside from sweet custom swag from the Sensu store, if you’re the first person on your team to register, you’re eligible for bonus rewards, like an Amazon gift card and a Google Home Mini (more details on our rewards levels below)

There are a couple of caveats:

  • Currently, we’re only shipping swag and bonus items to the US and Canada
  • To be eligible for our rewards program, you must register with your corporate email address (i.e., no generic @gmail or @outlook addresses, please)

Last but certainly not least, registering your Sensu cluster will enable us to offer tailored recommendations on how to optimize your Sensu installation. Once you’ve reached 25 entities, one of our Developer Advocates will reach out — they’ll review your progress, chat with you about your monitoring and observability goals, and offer tips on how to achieve those goals. Then, when you reach 75 entities, they’ll schedule a follow-up to see how you’re progressing and offer advice on next steps.

Further, sharing obfuscated usage data with us (Sensu, Inc.) helps us improve our product (including prioritizing product enhancements based on features that are used the most, or least), leading to an all-around better Sensu for you and your team! You’ll also need to register your cluster to take advantage of upcoming products and services, including weekly usage reports, Sensu Notification Services, and more.

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To learn more about how Sensu’s anonymous usage monitoring works, check out this blog post from CTO and co-founder Sean Porter and learn about Tessen in our documentation

Rewards levels

Without further ado, here are the rewards you can earn at various levels — and what you need to do to get there!

Level I

At level I, you’ll earn an exclusive Sensu Community Discourse badge and a free Sensu sticker pack (US & Canada only)! Plus, if you’re the first person on your team to register, you’ll be automatically entered to win a Nintendo Switch Lite, with new drawings each month (US & Canada only).

To qualify for level I rewards, you’ll need to join the Sensu Community Discourse (if you haven’t already) and register your Sensu cluster with your corporate email address.

Level II

At level II, you’ll earn another Discourse badge and a free Sensu t-shirt or socks (US & Canada only). You’ll also get 30 minutes with one of our Developer Advocates to go over your monitoring setup and goals, and — if you’re the first person on your team to register — you’ll also receive a $20 Amazon gift card (US & Canada only).

To score your level II rewards, you’ll need to connect at least 25 agents and configure at least 10 checks.

Level III

When you reach level III, you’ll receive a free Sensu hoodie (US & Canada only) and a one-hour consultation call with a Sensu Developer Advocate. Plus, if you’re the first person on your team to register, you’ll receive a Google Home Mini (US & Canada only).

To be eligible for level III rewards, you’ll need to connect at least 75 agents and configure at least 10 checks.

Ready to start earning rewards? Register your cluster today!

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