The Future of Sensu

The 2017 Sensu Summit gets a theme, and more presenters

One year ago this week, on Sensu’s birthday, Sean Porter wrote about the first five years of Sensu. A lot about the OSS project, enterprise product, and the company behind Sensu has changed since then. It’s amazing to look back and see how Sensu has grown up in the open source community.

I recount this recent history because they say “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been”. This is our inspiration for the 2017 Sensu Summit – an inaugural community event for the 6-year old open source monitoring framework. The theme of the event will be “The Future of Sensu”, and we hope you will join us! We’ll share the origin story of Sensu, why that history is ever more relevant now, success stories from Sensu users, and how all of the past and present inputs are influencing where we’re headed with Sensu 2.0.

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” — Maya Angelou

Register today, and continue reading for more information on what to expect from the inaugural Sensu community event.

Benefits of attending the 2017 Sensu Summit

Participate in the growing Sensu community

Sensu is used by thousands of engineers all over the world – hundreds of whom have contributed code to Sensu and its ecosystem – but without a clear call to rally around a well-organized community, many of those users are disconnected from each other. We are now committed as a company to help provide a platform for the community to build upon. The Sensu Summit is one component of the larger effort to connect our community both on- and offline.

Join us at the Sensu Summit to become a part of the growing Sensu community.

A comprehensive introduction to sensu-go (Sensu 2.0)

With Sensu Core finally reaching “version 1.0”, we’re ready to start talking about what’s in store for Sensu 2.0. We already demoed a functional Sensu 2.0 prototype at Monitorama PDX 2017, and now we’re ready to pull back the covers on the impending alpha release and larger product roadmap. If you are interested in participating in the private sensu-go alpha release – starting later this month, running through January 2018 – being present at the Sensu Summit is your best bet to secure an invite.

The Future of Sensu A packed house for The Sensu Party at Monitorama 2017, where we demoed a functional prototype of Sensu 2.0. We’ll take a much deeper dive into Sensu 2.0 at the Sensu Summit.

Presentations from Team Sensu

Keynote presentations from Sean Porter (CTO) and Greg Poirier (VP Engineering) on where we’re headed with Sensu 2.0, and talks by Matt Broberg (VP Community) and myself (CEO) on how we’re supporting the community, and what Sensu, Inc. the company means for the future of Sensu.

Success Stories from Sensu Users

Presenters from Yelp, GE, GoDaddy, T-Mobile, OpenTable, Apptio, and other members of the Sensu Community will tell their stories of how Sensu has empowered them to overcome unique monitoring challenges using Sensu at scale.

Sensu Open Spaces w/ the Sensu Engineering Team

Day 2 of the Sensu Summit will be an open spaces event where attendees can assemble into smaller groups – along with members of the Sensu engineering team – to discuss and hack on topics including developing your first Sensu plugin, plugin testing, how to use extensions, using Golang with Sensu 1.0, becoming a Sensu contributor, and many other ideas; these are just some examples we’re anticipating — we’re sure you will have many more!

If you haven’t already, get your ticket(s) today! We look forward to meeting you all next month!


The Future of Sensu We’ll see you in Portland!