Sensu 2.0 Accelerated Feedback Program

We’re very excited to have Sensu 2.0 in the hands of our users. To better understand how folks use Sensu, we’re starting the Accelerated Feedback Program (AFP). This is a private, high-touch opportunity to engage directly with our Product Development teams during the Alpha and Beta development cycles of Sensu 2.0.

Aside from the obvious benefits of high-velocity, bi-directional communications with the folks building your favorite monitoring framework, this program gives us the opportunity to share in meaningful conversations that will influence the roadmap for Sensu.

Sensu Experience That’s not really me but this is how much attention I’m going to give your Sensu 2.0 experience.

Our Product and Engineering teams will work closely with you, gathering quantitative and qualitative feedback to understand your needs, tracking improvements in Sensu 2.0 as we work towards the GA release, and challenging our assumptions about what a monitoring framework really looks like.

We’re looking for a variety of participants covering a diverse range of companies and real-world use cases. Cloud or colocated, startup or Fortune 500, we want to talk with and learn from you. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, including Sensu Core (open source) users and Sensu Enterprise customers.

Ready to join us in the Accelerated Feedback Program and help define the future of automated monitoring? Click here to sign up today!

Thanks to Cameron Johnston.