Greg Poirier is a Sensei

Introducing Greg Poirier, VP of Engineering

It is with great pleasure that am able to formally introduce Greg Poirier as employee #9 at Sensu, Inc. and our new VP of Engineering! Greg’s career began at an ISP during the .com boom, before spending several years in the world of network security research, before ultimately finding his true home in monitoring. We are excited about the experiences in designing, deploying, and operating monitoring systems at scale that Greg brings to Team Sensu, strengthening our team’s emphasis on empathy as a core value.

About Greg

Until recently, Greg was the CTO and employee #1 at Opsee (a promising monitoring startup that was sadly unable to raise follow-on funding and shut down in late 2016). A few stops prior to Opsee, Greg had been a Systems Engineer at Opower (acquired by Oracle in 2016) where he helped migrate their monitoring solution from an aging Zenoss installation to a more modern stack composed of Sensu, OpenTSDB, and Graphite. This migration eventually led to the pinnacle of Greg’s “long, storied history in open source”, when he authored the WizardVan metrics relay for Sensu. WizardVan enabled Opower to satisfy their requirements to route millions of metrics per second into a time-series database.

“A long, storied history in open source.”
— Greg Poirier 😁

Greg is also the founder of a lesser known alternative learning workflow to the OODA Loop called the Fiddle Fail Process Rebuild (FFPR) Loop. He enjoys passing the time by singing and dancing, though he is literally a professional singer, whereas his dancing may be best described as “hobbyist”. 😁🕺

Not Everyone Can Be Kelsey Hightower (or Greg Poirier)

I first met Greg at AutomaCon 2015 (a conference I co-founded with Jason Dixon and Molly Shelton), where he gave an entertaining talk on the infrastructure he was building for Opsee’s SaaS platform (he also gave this talk a few months later at DevOpsDays Silicon Valley, embedded left for your viewing pleasure).

Why we’re excited about working with Greg

Greg followed the Day 1 Keynote presentation at Monitorama 2016 by adrian cockcroft with an engaging and insightful talk on the evolution of monitoring over the years, and how/where he sees monitoring progressing in the years to come (embedded below). Although almost a whole year has gone by since he gave this talk, we think his words are just as applicable today as they were then. If you haven’t watched this talk yet, stop what you’re doing and watch it now; you’ll thank me later, and you’ll understand why we’re so excited to be working with Greg.


Greg Poirier drops knowledge at Monitorama 2016

Greg Poirer

Thanks to Greg Poirier.