Explore Sensu workflows & lesson plans with the Sensu sandbox

We’re excited to share that we’ve created an easy to use — and reusable — Sensu sandbox environment to help folks learn how to work with Sensu monitoring event pipelines. At Sensu Summit, we realized that many of you already had some sort of sandbox that you’d spun up to do your own testing, and demos and we’ve created something to help make things easier for everyone. We pooled resources and knowledge from inside Team Sensu, and put together a open source sandbox environment. Go check it out!

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One of the goals of the sandbox is to give you an easy way to explore Sensu workflows with some guided instruction. We envision the sandbox repository eventually holding a large collection of short lesson plan content. Some advanced lesson plans will build on other lessons, but without the burden of having to cultivate your own advanced event pipeline configuration by hand. With each lesson plan, you’ll be able to rebuild the sandbox VM pre-configured and ready to use for that lesson.

We’re planning to grow lesson content for Sensu features, as well as usage of contributed Community Plugins. Want to help build some of that content? Great! Please open an issue in the sandbox repository with your content idea, and let’s start a conversation.

Sensu sandbox

The Sensu sandbox comes pre-installed with Sensu, InfluxDB, and Grafana — each configured and ready for use. The sandbox can be used for both Sensu Core 1.5 and Sensu Enterprise 3.1, and by default will provision Core sandbox unless you provide your Sensu Enterprise account credentials. We’ve provided an initial lesson plan for Sensu Core that will walk you through the Sensu monitoring event pipeline — from check result to metrics dashboard. To get started, give the Sensu Core intro lesson a run through. To try out the Enterprise integrations, sign up for an Enterprise account and explore the available integrations using the Sensu Enterprise sandbox.

Sensu 2.0 Beta sandbox

Bonus: there’s a Sensu 2.0 Beta sandbox as well! As we get closer to the Sensu 2.0 release, we’ll be updating the repository with Sensu 2.0 lesson plans. For now, you can use the Sensu 2.0 sandbox with our growing list of guides in the Sensu 2.0 documentation.