Announcing the 2020 Sensu Community Summit

We’re rebranding Sensu Summit to be more focused on our amazing community. The next Sensu Community Summit will be hosted on May 19, 2020.

Note: this post has been edited with links our now-virtual Sensu Community Summit, happening May 19-22.

Registration is now open — we hope to see you there!

We’re changing things up for this year’s Sensu community event, in two big ways: first, we’re planning to host two smaller, regional events in 2020 (US West in May, and US East in October); and second, we’re streamlining the agenda with a focus on community interaction. The new events will be called Sensu Community Summits, and they’re going to be awesome!

Sensu Community Sumit

Conference talks are an important source of information (and inspiration!), but we consistently hear from the Sensu Community that the interactive workshops have been the most valuable part of our past events. As a result, the new Sensu Community Summit will be a one-day event with 2 hours of talks followed by a 90-minute lunch break, hallway track discussion, and 4 hours of open spaces/hack-a-thon, closing with a cocktail reception.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Sensu Community Summit Kickoff (30-minutes). A welcome presentation from Team Sensu, including product updates, roadmap, and community highlights.
  • Featured User Presentation (20-minutes). A Sensu user story given by a member of the Sensu Community.
  • Partner presentations (30-minutes). One 30-minute presentation or two 15-minute presentations from Sensu ecosystem partners (e.g. “How to Sensu + X”).
  • Lightning talks (40-minutes). 4-5 lightning talks from members of the Sensu Community, selected via CFP.
  • Lunch (90-minutes). Lunch will be provided to foster our shared sense of community and encourage hallway track discussions ahead of the afternoon “open spaces” session.
  • Workshops & Unconference (4-hours). An entire afternoon of facilitated and interactive engagement with fellow members of the Sensu Community. Team Sensu will host a number of workshops, including Sensu Training, upgrading from Sensu 1.x, custom plugin development, publishing assets to Bonsai, contributing to Sensu open source projects, and more. Our sponsor(s) will also host interactive workshops – giving you an opportunity to get some hands-on time with the experts. Members of our Developer Advocacy and Engineering teams will also be on-hand to facilitate community-led discussions and/or hack-a-thons in a traditional unconference / “open spaces” format.
  • Cocktail reception (90 minutes). We’ll conclude a productive day of Sensu collaboration with some snacks and beverages, and make plans to continue the discussions online (e.g., via the Sensu Community Discourse forums).

2020 Sensu Community Summit – US-West

The “inaugral” Sensu Community Summit will be hosted on May 19, 2020 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA, located at 2 New Montgomery St. (near the Montgomery Street BART station) in downtown SF.

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2020 Sensu Community Summit – US-East (and beyond)

As soon as the US-West community summit is a wrap and we collect feedback from the attendees, we’ll firm up plans for a fall US-East event (we’re thinking NYC or Boston in October). Our plan for 2020 is to host two events (US-West and US-East), but once we have firmed up this new format and have some experience taking this show on the road, we’d like to add a third EU event in 2021 for our international users.

The 2020 roadmap for Sensu is all about growth, and we’re going to get there by making everything easier – and that starts with making it easier to participate in the community. We’ll grow the Sensu community in 2020 by bringing our events to locations where there are larger concentrations of Sensu users (and more direct flights from more locations), streamlining the agenda so you can get the most benefit without taking 2-3 days away from your already busy life and work schedules, and keeping the tickets cheap ($99!). We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!