Announcement: Sensu Core repositories adding HTTPS, IPv6 and HTTP/2 support

Summary: On Wednesday, May 17th 2017, the Sensu Core repositories will be redirected to a new CDN distribution enabling SSL, IPv6 and HTTP/2 access methods. This upgrade should be transparent, requiring no changes for existing Sensu Core users.

Thanks to the gracious and accommodating folks at Fastly, the Sensu Core package repositories at will soon add support for HTTPS, IPv6 and HTTP/2 connections.

For some time now our friends at Fastly have donated their services, ensuring fast access to Sensu Core packages for users world-wide. In the last year Fastly has rolled out support for IPv6 and HTTP/2 technologies. Thanks to Fastly, we’re ready to make these options available to Sensu Core users starting Wednesday, May 17th 2017. In addition, the new CDN configuration will support HTTPS connections to using SNI. Note: most web browsers support HTTPS using SNI but some package managers do not.

To implement this change we’ll simply modify the DNS record for to point to a new Fastly CDN hostname. Too easy, right? Should some unforeseen complications arise, we’ll have the option of falling back to the current CDN map.

Easy to Say

The super helpful and friendly team at Fastly has already configured the new CDN map for us, and the feedback we’ve received from Sensu users who have manually reconfigured their infrastructure to test the new setup has been positive.

We’re excited for this upgrade and grateful to Fastly for their support! If you need help accelerating delivery of your content we wholeheartedly recommend their services.