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Upcoming Community Events

Joining us at an upcoming event is one of the easiest ways to meet fellow Sensu users and get involved in the Sensu Community. View our events that we'll be hosting or attending below.

We expect all participants to follow our Code of Conduct in Community events and chats.

29 Apr


DockerCon San Francisco 2019

San Francisco, CA.

Learn more

20 May

Sensu Hands-on Lab

For more information, email

Seattle, WA

Learn more

20 May

23 May

ChefConf 2019

Seattle, WA

Learn more

3 Jun

5 Jun


Portland, Oregon

Learn more

4 Jun

Monitorama After-party sponsored by Sensu

Portland, Oregon

Learn more

9 Sept

10 Sept

Sensu Summit 2019

Portland, OR

Learn more

10 Sept

12 Sept

Devopsdays Portland

Portland, Oregon

Learn more

18 Nov

21 Nov

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019

San Diego, California.

Learn more

Sensu Community

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