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Gain total visibility over your infrastructure with Sensu’s cross-platform cloud monitoring software—the leading cloud-native monitoring tool.

Level up your monitoring with enterprise-grade features and best-in-class support when you need it.

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Build for the hybrid cloud

Easily migrate tens of thousands of servers from Nagios, Datadog, Zabbix, Zenoss, InfluxDB, Nimsoft, and more.

Seamless transition

Sensu’s modern, clustered architecture allows you to keep your existing Nagios, Zabbix, and Prometheus custom collectors.

Value-added features

With built-in contact routing, metric translation, and RBAC, you have total control over your systems.

Join the thousands of companies that rely on Sensu for cloud monitoring at scale.


“Sensu stands out because you can customize it to check and alert on literally whatever you want. Plus, I’m confident that all our services are monitored, and that helps me sleep well at night.”

– Cameron Soleimani, DevOps Engineer, Uber


“The Sensu Community has provided Box.com engineers the ability to more quickly and reliably monitor their services — accelerating everything from debugging systems and auto-remediation to design decisions.”

-Mani Hashemi, Engineering Manager, SRE infrastructure, Box.com


“Monitoring services in a dynamic world like this is a difficult challenge, Sensu is the only open-source monitoring tool I’ve seen that is up to this challenge.”

– Kyle Anderson, Site Reliability Engineer, Yelp

Paddy Power Betfair

“We have placed Sensu at the heart of our monitoring and alerting tooling, due to its flexibility, ease of adoption, and stability.”

– Dermot Hennessy, Head of IT Operations, Paddy Power Betfair

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