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Testing and Performance Analysis for Sensu-go

Sensu 2.0 is here! We’ve spent a lot of time in alpha/beta, writing features, fixing bugs, and honing in on the user experience for Sensu 2.0. Performance and operability have been central to this rewrite, allowing Sensu to succeed in today’s ephemeral, container orchestrated infrastructure. In this talk, I’ll dive into the evolution of our development and testing process as we’ve moved from developing for feature parity, to bug fixes, to testing and fixing stability and performance concerns. I’ll unearth some of the more interesting and weird bugs we’ve found along the way, and tour the tools and methods we use to test and squash said bugs.

Mercedes Coyle

Software Engineer, Sensu

Mercedes brings her background as a programmer, artist, and sysadmin together to produce elegant open source software. As an engineer at Sensu, she builds scalable, user centered systems in Go. She writes code and sometimes wrangles servers from a 50-acre farm in rural Oregon, surrounded by chickens, turkeys, hazelnuts, and christmas trees. Find her on Twitter @benzobot where she chronicles her adventures in #devops and #farmops.

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