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Sensu is a commercially-supported open source monitoring framework used by companies to increase IT velocity and reduce the costs associated with legacy monitoring solutions.

Monitoring Framework

The Sensu open-source framework is a production-ready solution for infrastructure and application monitoring, equipped with developer friendly APIs and all the features operations teams need to achieve complete visibility.

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Build the 5%, not the 95%

Designed to fit your business, Sensu empowers you to implement the monitoring solution you need, today.

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Sensu is an open-core monitoring platform that empowers organizations to compose comprehensive monitoring & telemetry solutions that meet their unique business requirements. By providing a platform to build upon, Sensu enables you to focus on what to monitor and measure, rather than how.

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Sensu Enterprise provides the enterprise-class assurance you need to know someone will be available to help whenever you have a question, or in the event that something should go wrong.

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Sensu plugins and extensions are available for dozens of modern applications and services. Primarily developed and maintained by the community, the Sensu Plugins benefit from real-world usage by operations teams who are intimately familiar with the services they monitor, spanning every industry.

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Reuse Existing Monitoring tools

By providing support for popular and standards-based monitoring interfaces – including Nagios plugins, StatsD instrumentation libraries, SNMP pollers and trap receivers, custom APM solutions, and even Prometheus libraries and exporters – Sensu makes it easy to migrate from existing monitoring solutions. Breathe new life into your existing monitoring instrumentation and simplify your monitoring stack by consolidating more of your monitoring requirements under one roof.

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Automated Registration and Deregistration

If your monitoring system can't distinguish the difference between a service being 'down' versus 'decommissioned' or 'de-provisioned', how can you trust any of the alerts you get from it? As compute platforms become more automated and ephemeral, shouldn't you expect similar capabilities from your monitoring solution? The days of manually adding and removing systems from monitoring are over. Sensu solves these problems with automated and robust cross-platform registration and deregistration capabilities.

Single Pane of Glass

Sensu provides support for centralized and decentralized (or distributed) monitoring, enabling operations teams to maintain a standard service level for the entire organization without placing unnecessary restrictions on developers. Give your users access to monitoring without relinquishing control.

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Support for all major platforms

Full-stack monitoring for today's business.

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