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This plugin provides availability monitoring and metrics collection for the Graylog log management system.


  • bin/check-graylog-buffers.rb
  • bin/check-graylog-streams.rb
  • bin/check-graylog2-alive.rb
  • bin/metrics-graylog.rb



Installation and Setup


  • If you want a limited access user for monitoring purposes please see the Graylog FAQ
    • A limited user must also have the "streams:read" permission on their role in order to use the check-graylog-streams.rb check
  • Users may further obfuscate their credentials by creating an Access Token to use instead of their normal login credentials.
    • Note that only an admin may create a token by default. If you want to have a dedicated monitoring user with an access token you will need to create them as a Admin user, create the token, then change the user to the monitoring specific role. You can change the default behavior by granting users:tokencreate, users:tokenlist, and users:tokenremove to a role and adding that role to the monitoring user.

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