Monitoring meetups

Meet local Sensu users and monitoring enthusiasts at a local meetup. Don't see a meetup near you? Start your own — we'll provide the refreshments and help you get up and running!

Here’s what you need to know

All monitoring communities are welcome

User groups meet regularly to discuss any and all monitoring tools and frameworks.

Meet local practitioners

Meet monitoring enthusiasts near you to learn and share your knowledge.

We love sponsoring meetups!

We’re here to help you get your group off the ground with food, drinks, swag, tips, and promotion. Email

Start your own

Create your group’s Meetup page

Announce upcoming meetups and news on your very own page. We recommend using one of the following naming conventions: Monitoring Meetup or Monitoring User Group.
Let us know when you get it going and we’ll reimburse the fees for your group's Meetup page.

Sponsors (swag, food, and promoting the event)

We can help with food, promotion and swag! Email us:


You’ll need a place to meet. Contact local tech companies — many of them are interested in hosting these kind of events. We also recommend finding a central location — downtown for most cities is ideal because it’s easier to access for most attendees.

Schedule your first meeting

The most important thing is to keep an active group with frequent events (ideally once a month and on a regular cadence, such as the first Monday of the month). The choice of date and time matters. Most meetups choose Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays after work.

Sustaining a group yourself can be difficult to manage. Ideally you should have a team of passionate and committed co-organizers. Joining forces helps spread the load and expands the network.

Beyond posting the event on Meetup, you can ask other local meetups to post your event on their Meetup pages. Many groups are happy to do so, especially if you return the favor!


It’s all about the agenda! Each talk description should contain:

- A short bio of the speaker
- A compelling title
- A short paragraph describing the content of the presentation/demo

For more tips and tricks and to collaborate with other Meetup organizers, join us on Discourse.

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